KimberleyJx - Perverts Fantasy VII

Added: 13-09-2020

This is a FINAL FANTASY Parody / Hentai themed custom video , the video was produced by the purchaser & interpreted by myself. no specific names were used. After a long shift Tifa is about to close the 7th Heaven bar in Midgard. The bar is empty, but one last customer knocks on the door… Tifa doesn’t recognise this guy but makes him aware that she is closing up but he can come back tomorrow, although he doesn’t seem to want to leave. He has a strange request, he asks for a tit wank which Tifa promptly tells him that this is not kind of establishment and he has to go to the “Honey Bee Inn” in Sector 6 for that kind of service. Suddenly, A yellow glow hits the room, the stranger uses ‘Manipulate’ Materia to try and change Tifa’s mind, he then gets what he came for. Starting with a tit wank, Tifa is slightly reluctant she knows this isn’t right but can’t help herself. She’s unaware the stranger used manipulate but she has to do as she’s told. Smelling the smegma and semen covered cock is getting her surprisingly horny. Even though he’s being pushy Tifa can’t resist, she likes men who get exactly what they want. How is this going to end? What is he planning to do with her? He returns the next day to finish what he started, Tifa promised him she would, of course. Although Tifa regrets this part of her REALLY wants this. Moving onto a blow job with his enormous cock swallowing ridiculous amounts of his semen, when will this stop? Does she even want it to now? She’s enjoying it so much! Eventually Tifa begins to have feelings for the bar creep, is it the amount of Manipulate Materia which was used on her? Or is it just his enormous cock? He returns again, he’s now becoming a regular but Tifa isn’t complaining, she does as she’s told including wearing no underwear as he told her to he doesn’t even have to use Materia all the time, she just wants it, she wants him. Now she cannot wait to fuck him, various position his huge cock stretches her tight pussy, leaving her belly full of semen. Take a look at Tifa’s pussy after he has demolished it. – Also – Stay tuned even after the end for a little secret Final Fantasy Surprise! *** This video contains: Cosplay, Final Fantasy, Cumshots, Roleplay, Mindfuck, Control, Tit Wank, Blow Job, Hankeys Dildo, XL Dildo, Bad Dragon Cum, Close ups, Spread Pussy, Tifa Lockhart, Gamer, Gamer Girl, FF7, Creampie, Final Fantasy, Hentai Style, Smegma talk, filthy talk & tons of nostalgia. FYI: I made my cosplay costume myself – its something I’m truly interested in & wanted to make Tifa more of ‘my own’.

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File Name : 11___KimberleyJx_-_PervedehfII
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 528 MB
Duration: 00:18:58
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 25.000 FPS, 3719 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 164 kb/s


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