HumiliationPOV - Princess Mabel - Panty Perverts Like You Disgust Me

Added: 13-09-2020

I know you have a little secret, and it’s a pretty shameful dirty little secret, isn’t it? I know you have a panty fetish. You love used panties, you love to sniff them and lick them, and maybe even wear them. You just can’t resist a nice pair of panties, can you loser? Especially with my scent on them. They make you so hard. You just want to jerk off with my panties, don’t you? Go on, jerk your pervy cock to my pink panties.

I know you desperately want to know what they smell like. Can you smell them? Oh wait, no you can’t lol. You can only look at them and dream, pervert. I know you stare at my panties and wonder what they taste like, you wonder what I’ve done in them. You want them so badly, don’t you? That’s just too bad loser. What would you give for these panties? What would you give to own them and worship them whenever you please? For these sexy pink cotton panties that have hugged my ass and my pussy like you never will. You’ll never get anywhere near my ass or pussy loser.

I know you love them and adore them and you wish you could cover your ugly face with my perfect pink panties. They’re so nice and worn with my sweet scent in them. I know you’re getting so hard just thinking about them. I know you’re just d y i n g for a pair of these. Panty perverts like you disgust me so much. To know that someone like you wants to go rooting around in my dirty laundry and sniff my panties and put them on your face while you jerk your pathetic pervert cock. That just makes me sick. It makes me sick that there are people out there as perverted as you, who get off to something so gross, as a girls’ panties.

My panties are sacred loser. I know you want to jerk off in them and blow your load in them and have these soft pink cotton panties caressing your disgusting worthless cock. You’d love to have them around your cock as you jerk it for me. You want to blow your load in them, you wish you had them right now, LOL! Your orgasm would be so much better with these around your cock, wouldn’t it? You dirty panty pervert. Well I’ve decided I’m going to let you cum for my panties because I know how much pleasure it gives you to be such a disgusting panty pervert. And I know how much joy it would give you to be able to sniff them all day long and jerk off in them to your cock’s content. So, if you want to buy these exact panties, you better send me an email (Princess Mabel’s email is included) and bid high if you want the full experience. Otherwise, you can just continue to jerkoff like you always do and never experiencing the pleasure of my perfect pink panties.

You can’t stop jerking off can you? Whenever you see me in panties you become instantly hard. Keep jerking to my perfect ass in these panties loser. What would you give for these panties pervert? I’m going to count you down and let you cum to my panties loser. C’mon panty pervert, cum. Doesn’t that feel so good? Doesn’t it feel so good to admit that you’re nothing but a pervert for my panties? Don’t forget to bid high, loser.

– Princess Mabel –

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