Princess Miki - Taking Your Lunch Money and More

Added: 20-09-2020

I want to dedicate this clip to all of the girls from your formative years: the ones who ruthlessly tørmented you for your shortcomings, or constantly put you in your place through rejection. This little outfit I selected for this clip pays homage to those girls and what they did to you.

You were essentially førced to sexualize your loser status because of those bullies. Your sick, twisted little mind told you that if you jerked off to your trauma, the pain will go away. You were somewhat right.

And today, I benefit from the work of your bullies who left you with this psychological damage. I don’t even have to convince you that you’re a loser, because they already completely broke down your self esteem. And I fill the void they left.

We both love this.

They sealed your fate before I did: you were destined to jerk and jerk and jerk to verbal humiliation porn for the rest of your life. You were destined to pump your loser cock to pretty girls who don’t want you — who love reminding you of this — for the rest of your life.

I flash you the loser sign and tell you to send Me your lunch money, and it triggers something in you. Your cock twitches, and since your cock controls your brain, you feel compelled to send. But you know I want more than your lunch money.

You have to pay the fee for being such a loser, and being the sick little pervert who gets off on being a loser.

You know that I don’t often use the word “loser.” It feels so juvenile… so… hîgh school. But if it gets Me what I want, I’ll use it. Over and over and over again.

I’m going to use you and degrade you and throw all of your trigger words at you to take what I want.

And this is what you want, too. Right, loser?

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