HumiliationPOV - Alix Lynx - Mocking Stupid Fucktard Chronic Masturbators

Added: 29-09-2020

Do you know what you losers love more than just jerking off? Being mocked while you jerk off! LOL! How stupid is that? I mean I can’t believe you losers get off to me mocking you. Really. Not only do you look like a total idiot while you’re jerking off at your computer, but you get off on seeing what a retard you look like while you jerk. You see I know you and I know exactly what gets you off. And I think it’s hysterical that I can sit here and mock you, literally making fun of your to your face, and get paid for it! LOL!

So do you want to know what you look like when you’re jerking off? I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be watching this lol. Well let me show you. First you start out furiously typing and clicking away at your computer picking out whatever fucked up thing is going to get you off. You look at your computer like, ‘Oh my god, Porn! That looks so hot, I’ve never seen that before.’ But you have, like your whole fucking life! And then you choose your porn of the day and you pull down your pants at your computer, like you do every night, it’s your fucking nightly ritual. And then you just start jerking it, like this. Look at how stupid I look. I mean really look and Know that is exactly what you look like, a total fucking idiot fucktard.

It’s a good thing no one can see you, you look so fucking retarded! LOL! Watch me mock you idiot while you jerkoff faster to me mocking you lol! I love making fun of you, it’s so easy, so stupid, yet you get off to it lol! You jerkoff all fucking day don’t you? I’ll bet you jerkoff during work. You can’t stop touching your stupid fucking penis, can you? No you can’t, you’re a chronic masturbator and you look like this LOL! You’re such a fucking loser! You even jerk off at the office, it’s your little secret, it’s the only thing you have going for you LOL! God you’re pathetic.

And I know you love getting down on your knees by your computer and jerking off like an idiot on the floor. Panting away, making stupid noises and faces like the freak that you are lol! I’ll bet being on your knees makes you feel like even more of a worthless loser, doesn’t it? Now watch me mock you on your knees, I know you’re going to see yourself LOL! God you’re such a retard! Jerk it loser, jerk it while I mock you, I know it’s all you fucking do. I don’t even know how you get anything done. I really do wonder how many times a day you jerkoff.

Your life is just small breaks in between your jerking sessions. You jerk and you cum and you wait a few minutes before you start the process all over again. You’re wasting your life but you don’t care, you just love to jerk. One day you’re going to realize how stupid you were for jerking your whole life away, and then you’ll feel a moment of regret before you start jerking off to the fact that you wasted your whole life jerking off. You’re so pathetic, you sexualize your failings and get off to them. That truly is the definition of a loser. Keep jerking loser, don’t stop. I want you to waste your life. Waste your life jerking off while I mock you. I know this is going to make you cum so hard. Watch me mock you to orgasm loser. And then, you’re going to start the cycle all over again, aren’t you idiot?

Alix Lynx!

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