Goddess Natalie - Mesmerized to fall in love with me

Added: 08-10-2020

The moment you first saw me on the site, you though to yourself: hey look, another really hot woman out there with a perfect body and cute face! Then it went through your mind: yet another woman for me to worship while she makes fun of me, but she’s probably not going to be too dangerous…she looks to cute for that! And off you went to my profile page, buying my videos, jerking off, watching me, listening to my entrancing voice, not knowing that the more of my videos you watched, the deeper into addiction you synced. Your addiction to me started the moment you began to scroll down on my page, reading my words. And it’s only making it more and more difficult for you to quit, the more time you spend binging on my clips and setting my pics and your wallpaper every now and again. You know what is the most dangerous thing about me, though? The mixture between my soft, mesmerizing voice and my mind games. When I mesmerize you, when I put you deep into a state of trance for me, that’s when you become mindless, weaker than ever, and it becomes 10 times easier than usual for me to fuck with your mind and turn you into whatever I desire. Today I’m not planning to plant any fetish-related triggers in your mind or make you explore your dark side, but instead, I’m going to use my skills and passion for h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s to make you fall deeper in love with me. So profoundly in love that there will be no turning back, and you’ll be willing to do anything to make me happy. Do you think you can handle it or are you too much of a scaredy cat?

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