LisaJordan - CBT marathon

Added: 23-10-2020

Custom: I have a request for a clip that I call CBT Marathon.
Props needed: 100 pegs, large dildo, icy hot, wooden spoon, belt, butt plug, 6 ice cubes, rubber spatula, Black marker, two ropes, metal spoon , two litre bottle filled with water and 4 rubber bands
I have tried a number of CBT Mistresses and you are undoubtedly the best of all. I would like a custom video called CBT Marathon lasting around 35 minutes plus. First of all I have to strip naked and then draw a sad face on my cock head and write loser on my shaft with the black marker. Then you instruct me to cover my cock and balls with pegs so I can’t see any skin, also on my nipples, ears, nose , lips and tongue. I have to pause the video because it will take a while. I then have to shove 6 ice cubes up my ass shove the big dildo up there and bounce on the big dildo for five minutes so the pegs hurt even more while you laugh at me and tease me. Then you make me pull off all the pegs, crown of cock last. Now it’s time to tie up my cock and balls really tight, I have to pull out the dido and lick it clean. You then instruct me to tie the other rope around the two litre bottle and my balls so it is a few inches off the ground and drop it ten times from chest height and thank you each time. It’s time now to beat my cock and balls with the wooden and metal spoon for three minutes to a metronome, fast pace.
You then instruct me to put icy hot on my butt plug, ram it up my ass and leave it there for the rest of the session. You then make me whip my ass with the belt till it’s bright red. To finish off I have to put two rubber bands around my balls, one on the base of my shaft and another underneath the head (all doubled up so they are tight) and put a large amount of icy hot covering my cock and balls. You then make me jerk off till I am close to cumming but stop me before I do while you tease me with your sexy body. You show your incredibly sexy ass and boobs with black tape on the nipples and tease me by pulling your panties down slightly making me think I will see your glorious pussy. Last of all you count me down to an orgasm and laugh at me while my cock burns. Please feel free to throw in a surprise or two during the video. I hope it is not too complicated and I look forward to seeing your production. I hope it sells well. By the way, I think your” Heartless Bitch” video was a one of your finest and the best I have seen anywhere on the net. You have a special charisma that the others don’t have. I think it is in the eyes.

CBT Fantasy, CBT Fantasy Instruction

File Name : 11___LisaJordan - CBT maeyrathon
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 1.48 GB
Duration: 00:34:22
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 29.970 FPS, 5981 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 192 kb/s


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