HumiliationPOV - Goddess Leena Fox - Cuckold Pay Drone Programming

Added: 31-10-2020

I am going to turn you into a cuckold pay drone. And it’s going to be so easy. First I’m going to lock up your little dick because it’s fucking useless. And I know exactly what having your dick locked up does to your brain. It melts it. You get so fucking dumb when your little cock is locked up for me. And all it takes is the click of a lock and the few brain cells you have just melt away. It makes you so fucking stupid when you’re cock is locked up in that cage.

You want this so badly. I know because your cock is already throbbing at the thought. And then when your cock is locked up and tight against the cage, then I’m going to make you stare at me. You’re going to stare at me and drool over my hot, curvy body. You’re going to obsess over my voluptuous curves, and then you will know, that I get fucked whenever I want, by whoever I want. You know it’s true. And I know how horny my tight body is making you. It’s making you harder in your cage which in turn makes you brain even weaker.

I can fuck whoever I want, and I don’t want you, some loser on the internet with a little locked up dick. Look at this body and know that I would never fuck you. I don’t fuck guys like you, I fuck them over. Now watch as I dangle your key in front of my gorgeous body. Is that fucking with your head loser? I know it is.

I deserve to be paid, and you know it. I mean just look at me. Paying me and my body is all your weak locked up brain can think about. You can feel it as you stare at my perfect body. I know that you’re a desperate little pay pig. And I know that pay pigs need to pay. I don’t need to ask or beg for your money because you’re horny pay pig cock already tells you that you need to pay in order to feel any pleasure at all. I know it will make your cock twitch and throb in your cage.

You just keep getting hornier by the second. The longer you stare at this perfect curvy body, the more that useless pay pig dick needs to pay. I know how to program weak cuckold pay pig drones and that’s exactly what I’m going to you. Sitting there with your tiny locked up pay pig cock being mercilessly teased by me will melt your brain and allow me to reprogram it with my words. And the money will just start flowing out of your wallet. You will be turned into a cuckold pay drone. Mindless, obedient and stupid. Unable to stop paying, not because you want to, but because you need to. You need to.

– Goddess Leena Fox –

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