Princess Miki - Genie’s Love Spell

Added: 10-11-2020

You find a mysterious lamp, and upon rubbing it, a puff of smoke comes out. A beautiful Genie emerges from the smoke, and you are speechless. It’s as if you’re in a movie. And just like you were taught in popular culture, She tells you that She can grant you three wishes… although, there are stipulations that would bar you from making *some* wishes.
Almost immediately, your first wish flies out of your lips: you wish that She falls in love with you. You are already enamored by Her beauty; Her charm; Her mysticism.
She informs you that unfortunately, your one wish falls into the category of wishes She cannot grant. She does not have the ability to make an individual fall in love with another, but She proposes an alternative wish: She can turn you into Her ideal man, as long as you wish for it.
Without thinking, you make this wish, and you breathe in the magical smoke She blows into your face.
You are dizzy… disoriented… weak… and… you are incredibly aroused. Strangely, this feeling of weakness and inability to move, think, or look away is the source of this impossibly intense arousal. You’ve never felt this good before.
She encourages you to touch yourself — the only thing you are capable of doing — as She continues to cast Her wickedly erotic spell on you. You keep pumping and stroking as you fall deeper in love with Her. Weaker for Her. More desperate for Her.
She’s molding you into Her ideal man as you stroke. Who is Her ideal man? He is a man who is subservient, humble, and desperate to please. He is a man who will do absolutely everything and anything She asks. You are turning into this man, and this transformation feels so good.
When Her work is finished, She orders you to wake. You are once again conscious, but you are a different man. Yes, you are at last… Her ideal man. You are desperate to be Her slave. A slave who only needs one more wish, despite having two remaining wishes.

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