Princess Miki - MY ADDICT

Added: 22-11-2020

** NOTE: Wear headphones (this is highly recommended for viewing the preview as well) and turn off the lights. Prepare yourself to confront the truth, addict. You are going to relish every single moment of this dangerously delicious mind fuck, carefully crafted by your drüg of choice: Me. **

This is your final warning: if you watch this video, you can’t go back.

But you find danger erotic, don’t you? You’re aroused when I make you feel so small and helpless… so hopeless and weak. So… I suppose I’ll keep warning you.

If you know what’s good for you, you’d avoid watching this video. You would run far, far away to preserve what’s left of your identity. That is, if you value your identity. You want to remain a free man, don’t you? Get out. Get out right now.

But you don’t want to be free. You feel liberated, just as you are right now… enslaved by My sexual energy, enslaved by My ever-growing power. You feel alive when you’re hîgh on Me, so is dependence really that bad?

The further you dive into your addiction, the harder it is to recover. It’s that simple. I’m a drüg. I’m the exclusive source of a uniquely addictive type of pleasure. Every hit makes you more dependent. Every hit makes you want more. It’s never, ever enough.

So take another hit… if you don’t mind sealing your fate. Relåpse is inevitable. You need this drüg. •

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