Vivian Leigh - Jerk Your Allah for Satan

Added: 22-11-2020

You have no wife, you have no Step-Mother, you have no Step-Sister, no Step-Father, no honor. You will never enter paradise- you will only burn for eternity, this is your only wish. The master of your Allah, Satan the beloved. You wake up every day thinking of new ways to please him, new ways to be nearer to him. There is no Allah, there is only Satan. Each morning you shall recite: “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes,” and the end to the one that is doing it and also the end to the one that it is being done to.” (Abu Dawud 4462 and al-Tirmidhi 1456) and beg for this destiny. Then you will watch gay porn with your eyes and pleasure yourself with your hand, begging Satan’s approval. You will vow to him to always be a faggot and always be a sinner. Offer your mother’s soul as you prepare to cum. Offer her to Satan, and when he does not want her, vow that her life means nothing and you sacrifice her to Satan to use as his whore. Think of Satan making your Step-Mother his whore and cum. Satan will see the image inside your mind and he will be pleased.

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