Tigger Rosey - Your Girlfriend is a Muse

Added: 02-12-2020

I really enjoy gentle cuckolding roleplay videos, with a bit of impregnation fantasy thrown in, so this would cover those kinks. You’re very direct and honest with me, and it comes out that the reason you have to cheat is that you just need some good sex in your life and he’s just better than me, but it takes a while to get to that conclusion. The video would start out with you just talking about your new job, as an artist’s “muse” which you explain is just a little bit like modeling, but you don’t have to stay still so much. The artist is funded by a grant, so the pay is good and stable, although he’s had some interesting requests. First, you’ve done nude modeling before, and we have an understanding about that, but the artist has requested you stay nude for the entire day. You can talk about how it felt to be naked for the whole day, and how you liked being on display so much. Next, the artist himself would frequently undress himself, and you could see that he is quite big in the places it counts and very attractive. He claims it helps him paint, but you can tell he gets excited around you. The artist also asked if you would be ok masturbating in front him, so that he can capture your passion, and after some thinking about it you agree. After that the requests are to kiss you, touch you, touch him, and finally, full on sex. You still love me, but also you have to admit you have feelings for him now too, and you’re not really sorry about it happening. It was the best sex of your life, and you’re getting hot right now just thinking about it. He knows just how to make you feel loved and wanted, and you can describe how the sex is with him. Finally, you can confess to me that you’ve been doing it unprotected the whole time, and that the artist has asked you to go off the pill, which you really want to do. He says he wants to paint you throughout your pregnancy, and make it a focus of an art exhibit. It should be clear you’re having the artist’s baby for this, and are only interested in having his baby, not mine. This would be like a “video letter” or vlog format, but directed at just one person. As for what you’re wearing you can start dressed and undress as you tell the story. Feel free to be creative with the idea too, add your own ideas as long as they work with the theme. I’m not interested in harsh domination, like insulting me directly, but just be excited, direct, and honest about what you’re doing with the artist.

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