HumiliationPOV - Goddess Kitty - Verbal Humiliation Adrenaline Rush For Self Hating Chronic Masturbators - Instructions

Added: 06-12-2020

HumiliationPOV proudly presents our newest Brat, Goddess Kitty! You are going to love her sexy British accent as she delivers brutal verbal mindfuckery that will turn your brain to mush and have your cock twitching and throbbing with each word that she utters.

Hello chronic masturbator. I want to make something extremely clear. I know that you stroke yourself stupid, day after day, night after night. I know you do. And I want you to know that this isn’t an addiction, this is you. You aren’t addicted to porn, no, you’re just a sexless fucking loser who jerks off because he has no other sexual options. Isn’t that right my sexless little freak? How does it feel to be a chronic masturbator? How does it feel to tug that horny cock so so often? I know in the moment it feels so fucking good, but I also know that deep down you hate yourself for it. And I don’t blame you, I’d hate myself to if I was a jerkoff junkie who binges on clips and goons night after night instead of going on dates. But that’s not you, you can’t get a woman to go on dates with you, can you? And even if you did find a woman who would go out with you, you couldn’t get hard for her. And even worse, she’d never know the real you, not like I do. You’d never tell her what a chronic little masturbator you are. But I know.

This is your life. Masturbation is the only thing that feels good, it fills that empty void like nothing else can. This is the only way you can get some little buzz of serotonin in that stupid fucking head of yours. You need the rush of verbal humiliation adrenaline in order to get that cock working. You can’t get off to vanilla porn, can you? No you can’t, you’re not normal, you’re a complete and utter fuck up. You need to be degraded in the worst fucking ways in order to get that cock hard. And once it’s hard you don’t just jerk it, no, you turn into a gooning chronic masturbator. You don’t jerk it to get off, jerking off is a way of life for you. It’s not only your only sexual outlet, it’s all you fucking do in your free time.

You see only when you’re being told just what a waste of life you are, that’s the only time you truly feel alive. It’s a rush you can’t find anywhere else. When I degrade you and tell you the awful truth about yourself, it feels like finally someone sees the real you. And that is so freeing, isn’t it? It’s so freeing to finally have someone understand just what you are, a chronic masturbator. You have to put on an act or a front for everyone else, but here with me you can truly let go and be yourself and that feels so fucking good! You’re a fucking freak and all you want to is for a hot girl like me to crawl around inside your brain while you jerk, a hot girl who allows you to be the freak that you are. No ‘real’ woman can do that for you, only I can.

No normal man enjoys this, you know that right? But you’ve always known that you were different. You’ve always known that you’re a freak. But what you are, in fact, is completely worthless. And you know this because you spend all of your nights jerking away the pain of knowing what you truly are, a worthless chronic masturbator wasting his entire life jerking his cock. You know that’s fucking pathetic, right? You work so hard for your money and then you just jerk it all away. It’s pathetic. It’s a vicious cycle you’re stuck in, you stupid little jerkoff junkie.

And I want you to remind you exactly why you need to masturbate constantly. It’s because you’re a fucking socially inept loser with no chance of ever fucking a woman. It’s because you’ve conditioned yourself so badly to this type of abuse that you can no longer find sexual pleasure in any other way. It’s because you hate yourself so much that masturbation has become your only escape from your self hating existence. This is your sex life. Porn is all you will ever need. This is all that a freak like you deserves. You are a disgusting jerkoff junkie wasting your life with your cock in the palm of your hand. And you love how I know you, loving that I am the only one who knows just how worthless you truly are. I truly see the real you and you love that. Jerking off with me is the only time that you feel ‘seen’. Jerking off is the only time that you truly feel yourself because it’s the only time you are truly being yourself. You’re never going to be able to give this up, you’re never going to be able to stop jerking your cock. You are an addict, a hopeless jerkoff addict.

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