HumiliationPOV - Dumb Fuck

Added: 12-12-2020

HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest Brat, Princess Emma Lux! The only thing brattier than her voice is her body. She is the definition of a hot young brat. In this super bratty clip, you will hear Emma call you a dumb fuck over and over and over again. You will watch her pop in and out of your screen calling you a dumb fuck. There is even a whisper track in the background of her calling you a dumb fuck over and over again. This clip will make your cock jump every time she says, ‘Dumb Fuck’. Get ready to have her bratty voice plant triggers inside of your mushy brain, you Dumb Fuck! LOL!

You know exactly what you are, you just love to hear me say it though. I can say it in so many ways that will make your cock twitch. Do you wanna hear me say it? LOL! Of course you do. It’s so hot coming from my lips. You know what you are. You’re a Dumb Fuck. You know it’s true. You know what a dumb fuck you are. And that’s all you’ll ever be. You will never amount to anything. And do you know what’s even more pathetic? The fact that it makes you hard when I say it lol. Most guys would be offended, but then there’s you, because you are such a dumb fuck, you actually enjoy it. In fact, you love it.

You will take any attention from me you can get. You know it’s true. Someone as hot as me has never given you any attention. That’s why you’ll take whatever you can get from me. So I’m going to retrain your brain to twitch every time I say Dumb Fuck. It’s going to be your trigger word. LOL, you’re so fucked up in the head, you dumb fuck. LOL! Look at your cock throb when I say it. Like what the fuck is wrong with you LOL?

It’s so funny that this is what tuns you on, two simple words make your cock twitch over and over again. You just love how bratty I sound when I say it. You love to hear that you’re a dumb fuck. And that’s all you’ll ever be, a dumb fuck. You see my hot young body and your brain just turns to mush, you can’t resist being humiliated by me. You love how I talk down to you, it makes your cock throb. You dumb fuck. Look how weak and pathetic you are for me. No man in their right mind would accept being called a dumb fuck, except for you. The fact that it turns you on is truly pathetic.

Just look at your cock twitch each time I say it. Dumb fuck. I can control your cock with just my words. You know it’s true. You are no longer in control. You are nothing but a dumb fuck. You know it’s true. I don’t even have to say anything else. I can just repeatedly call you a dumb fuck over and over again, and you’re going to get harder and harder. How fucking pathetic. You dumb fuck. You’re so desperate for attention that you’ll just accept being called a dumb fuck. But you don’t just accept it, you love it. Because I am programming you to love it. You can’t get enough of it. Your cock is twitching with the anticipation of me calling you a dumb fuck.

How idiotic and stupid do you have to be, to be aroused by just two little words? Dumb fuck. LOL you’re so easy. Don’t you just love your new trigger word? Don’t you love that you now need to be called a Dumb Fuck in order to get hard? Your pathetic cock is going to twitch any time you hear this phrase. Dumb fuck. You fucking love it, don’t you, you dumb fuck? LOL! Look at your cock, feel it throb for me you fucking dumb fuck. You’re so pathetic. Such a dumb fuck.

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File Name : 11___dumbfuck
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 750 MB
Duration: 00:10:09
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 29.970 FPS, 10.0 Mb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 317 kb/s


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