The Queendom – Avalanche of Ass Part 4 HD

Added: 06-07-2017

Mistress Kawaii is surprised at how long her smother slave has survived the avalanche of ass. “Maybe I need to step it up a little bit,” she says while // slave in a reverse facesit. The slave is once again zipped up tightly in the sleep sack, rendering him completely helpless to Mistress Kawaii’s devastating ass! Mistress Kawaii has been having a lot of fun slowly, but surely destroying the slave with her ass, but the avalanche can’t continue forever. Sooner rather than later the slave will be completely destroyed! Mistress Kawaii is pretty sure she knows exactly how she wants to finish this slave off, but she isn’t ready to tell the slave how she’s going to do it yet. Instead she wants the slave to suffer longer and wonder when the end will finally come. “Do u know what a pussy you sound like?” she asks, taunting the slave as he gasps for air. Kawaii expertly smothers the slave by sitting reverse, forward, and side saddle, but her favorite position by far is sitting reverse! She loves feeling the slave’s small head slipping deep between her sweaty ass cheeks! Of course, she isn’t quiet ready to finish the slave off yet so she decides she will simply put the slave to sleep for awhile. “Do you remember nap time?” The slave tries to beg for mercy, but its no use. Once the slave has Mistress Kawaii lifts up n walks away to prepare for the next phase of the avalanche…

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