Clubstiletto - Princess Lily - Do A Good Job Or I’ll Sell You

Added: 06-12-2017

Beautiful Princess Lily has her pathetic slave bitch on his knees, lapping at her feet like a dawg in heat. “What shall I let you worship today?” she says. “I know you love my body, so as a reward for your good behavior, I’m going to let you worship not only my feet but my ass.” She rolls onto her side and slaps her amazing ass to entice the slave further. The slave is very excited and she instructs him to work his way up her legs. When he reaches the top she moves him back and says she wants him to admire what he will soon be worshiping. She spreads her legs and raises them in the air to reveal her pussy and ass.

“Would you do anything to worship my ass even if I make you suffer?” she asks. The slave quickly replies “yes”, he’s so desperate to worship. “Even if I humiliate you, use you, punish you, and abuse you?” Oh yes, this slave will do anything! “Do a good job or I’ll sell you” she warns him. She permits him to kiss her ass cheeks, before telling him to stick his tongue in her ass so she can play with her pussy. “I’m thinking about my boyfriend. His cock is so big compared to yours. He’s a real man who knows how to please me.” She makes him tell her he’s an asslicker, which he does with his tongue still in her ass. She smiles, because she knows how powerful verbal humiliation can be; it demonstrates her power over this debased possession who will do anything she says. She tells him to say “I’m a pathetic asslicker. I’m disgusting. My only purpose is to serve you.” While he repeats each line, she continues to play with her pussy until she’s ready to cum. She eventually lets out a long moan of ecstasy, her pleasure enhanced from the warm tongue on her anus. Satisfied, she kicks the slave away and tells him she has no more need for him, but looks into the camera and whispers “Maybe I’ll keep him around.”

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