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Added: 21-02-2022

Goddess Abigail has been training Her ass slave to become Her full toilet, making him worship and clean Her big round ass and Her tight little asshole, inhale Her farts, taste them, clean Her dirty panties and even made him eat creampies from Her asshole, but now She wants to 'step up' Her training of the pig. She has just taken a major dump and is sitting on Her porcelain throne, when She calls Her slave:
"Ohhh, Slaaaaaaaaaave? Get the FUCK IN HERE, NOW"
"Yes Goddess"
He shuffles in wearing full pet gear, with mittens, knee pads and a puppy mask. She tells the slave while sitting on Her porcelain throne:
"Slave, as you're well aware, as an inferior being and my fully-owned bitch, you are required to worship and revere everything that my perfect, superior body produces. Starting with my big, round ass, which obviously just did"
She clips a leash onto his collar and secures his mittens together behind his back. Standing up, She tells the slave to smell what's in the toilet. He leans his head in slightly and sniffs tentatively. She tears the snout off of his mask, and pushes his head toward the toilet.
"Get closer slave, you need to get that smell deep into your lungs. Get closer..."
She keeps pushing the slave's head closer and closer to the toilet hole, finally pushing his head into the bowl, She shuts the lid down on his head. He starts squealing in shock and, but She straddles the lid and sits down with Her full weight, mashing his head down into the bowl and causing him to shriek in pain.
She finally pulls him out and tells him he has to clean Her dirty, recently-used asshole. She pulls Her ass cheeks apart and pulls the leash hard, pulling his head into Her ass:
"Lick it clean, slave!"
He is gagging and retching, but She keeps up the tension on the leash, and with his hand secured behind his back, he has no choice but to comply, coughing and retching the whole time:
"Swallow now. Flush the toilet. Now get on your back, bitch, I'm gonna sit on your tongue for a slave tongue enema"
The slave lays down on the floor of the bathroom and She spreads Her cheeks wide, She starts riding his tongue, up and down. She starts to face fuck him with Her ass, back and forth, up and down, smothering and more deep cleaning. Finally, She gets up and after telling Her it's clean, She checks by wiping Her ass deeply with some white toilet paper.
"Ugh! It's still dirty you fucking useless bitch! Can't even be toilet paper. Well, maybe a night with your head in the toilet will motivate you for next time."
She pushes his head back into the toilet and ties his leash to the toilet paper holder. Shutting off the light, She walks off saying:
"Good night, toilet"
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