Brat Princess 2 - Amber - Open Up I Want to Fart Right in Your Mouth 4K

Added: 07-03-2022

It's just a normal day for a hot girl like me. One of my slaves is locked in the smother box for me to use at ANY time I want. Its great because I always know where it is, cuffed and ready to serve. It's become such a normal thing to have in the house, a loser in a smother box. It's literally just another piece of furniture for me to use and sit on, but that's not even the BEST feature! This thing is adjustable, so I can prop its head up further into my ass to help improve my posture. Plus it just happens to be my FAVORITE place to sit and take selfies and text my boyfriend. On this particular day, I ate a BIG lunch and it was making me feel SOOO GASSY! I just HAD to get these farts out and my slaves mouth is the PERFECT place to release them! I HATE smelling my own farts, so I made sure this idiot gobbled them down. It struggles to swallow them, but it doesn't really have a choice if it needs to breath lol
- Amber

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