Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy, Mistress Staci - Earn Your Load

Added: 25-08-2016

Mistress Kandy walks into the lockup room where she arouses her locked up slave from his sleep. She bangs the slaves dog dish against the bars of the cage but while the sound would cause most to jump the famished slave hardly reacts at all. Kandy has had him in lockup for a week and he has survived almost exclusively on her urine so she does get his attention when she tells him she is going to feed him. She asks him if he is hungry and he mumbles that he is clearly very disoriented as a slave should expect things to be from time to time, after all being a slave includes suffering. Kandy then tells him his meal is going to be cum, “lots and lots of cum”. Then TS Staci walks into the room, her cock will deliver the slave his needed meal but he’s going to have to work for the reward. Staci looks at the slave and taunts him saying, “You wanted a hamburger, you silly cum slut”, patting him on the head while Kandy adds, “Don’t worry you’ll get your quarter pounder”. The lid of the cage is then shifted so Staci can sit down and with the slaves head poking out of the cage his mouth and her balls are inches a part. If he uses his mouth eagerly a 5 day load of cum will give him some protein nutrition. First the bitch has to sniff Staci’s sweaty balls through her sexy pink panties. Kandy asks him if he wants to eat and the slave eagerly tells her he does. He is ordered to use his teeth to move Staci’s panties which he struggles to do but eventually does manage to do. Then with Her cock laying on his face the slave starts sucking her cum filled balls. After some ball licking, Staci glides her big cock into the slaves mouth. Kandy removes another part of the cage lid so the slave can use his hands on her balls while sucking her cock. Kandy asks, “Staci, did you clean your cock after fucking that other slave up the ass?”. Staci laughs and says, “No, I thought that was his job.” Both ladies laugh and the scene ends with the slave eagerly sucking for a chance at earning his load.

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