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Added: 17-02-2017

Lady Bellatrix and her friends have turned billy into the neighborhood bitch. He must do anything they say or they tell everyone about his dirty lifestyle and the humiliating things they have made him do. He has been forced to fuck the 80 year old lady next door, for example, and lick the fat slow girls dirty ass from down the street. We find billy on his knees waiting for Bellatrix and when she arrives she makes sure he understands his position and how disgusting he is. "I own your soul", she tells him, slapping him across the back of his head. "As long as you should live, you are under the control of the female supremacy". She asks him if he enjoyed eating out fat Jenny and he replies that the smell was awful. She slaps him and says he has no right to talk like that about any woman. She then slips onto the couch, pulling up her skirt and places her panty covered ass on his face. "This is the ass, you want, isn't it?" she asks him. "Oh yes", he replies. Her ass is sweaty as it's a hot summer day and as she sits on his face she reminds him that he is in for a lifetime of punishment. She gets into some nice ass smothering, "Let me get my asshole right over your nose", she tells billy. Her sweet little bubble butt looks amazing! She gets up and slaps his face and tells him to smell it, sniff it, inhale it. "Bet it's a lot different than 80 year old ass?", she asks him. As she turns to sit in forward position she feels her pussy getting wet and sticks her fingers inside herself before sticking them into billy's mouth. She makes another tight seal around his mouth and nose, with her ass, and she notices that he is getting erect. She makes him pull it out and stroke it while sitting on his face some more. She tells him his cock is pathetic and then turns around again to sit forward on his face. "When you stroke that pathetic cock of yours I want you to think of old Mrs. Higgins", she admonishes him and reminds him how he is going to be sucking and fucking all the old and ugly women around the neighborhood. She laughs seeing it makes him hard and then getting off of him tells him he is to crawl over to fat Jenny's suite and eat her out... "And do a good job because I'll be asking her later how you did", she smiles. The scene closes with Bellatrix looking at the camera and issuing you a word of warning.

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