Pantyhose Supremacy - BestFemdom - Mistress Riley - Ravaged by Riley

Mistress Riley looks lean and sexy in a tight leopard skin dress, white stockings and white high heels. She is going to ravage the slave and has him already in his pantyhose. She ties his hands behind him and strips off Her dress to reveal the intricate stockings and Her bouncy perfect breasts. She slaps him repeatedly, torment his nipples with Her well-manicured fingers and spits into his mouth over and over. She sits down in the chair and has him worship Her high heels and then removes them and gives him a taste of Her feet. She begins to spit into a clear glass, intending on pouring a huge wad down his throat later. She strips off Her sexy panties and lays back spreading Her pussy lips. He is ordered in between Her legs to lick and sniff Her hole as She continues to spit and drool into the big shot glass as She tells him to softly lick Her pussy lips and provide oral service. Oral service continues as the slave licks and sucks on Her pussy. She spits several times into the glass which is rapidly filling with saliva destined for his throat. She interrupts his pussy worship several times to slap his face and twist and punish his nipples before laying back and allowing him in between Her splayed legs to lick and suck Her hole. She sits up again and orders him to tilt his head back and open wide. She pours a huge wad of spit from the glass into his mouth and tells him to hold it and gargle Her spit. She finally allows him to swallow and then stands and bends in front of him and orders him to service Her asshole now. He immediately obliges and his tongue licks and scrapes Her perfect brown eye clean. She reaches back several times to cruelly twist his nipples and his cries are a bit annoying but good camera angles as She gets Her asshole serviced. More ass worship as Mistress Riley climbs up into the chair and spreads wide, ordering him in to clean and lick Her brown hole. She has him turn about a third of the way into the clip and lay his head back on the chair so She can queen him and feast some more on Her asshole as She leans forward and continues to torment his nipples. She finally allow shim to stand before Her and cuts his cock out of the nylon. She grabs and slaps and twists it, making it hard. He is already very horny with the taste of her pussy and ass in his mouth, not to mention the large dollop of Her spit he has drank. She wants to fuck him She tells him but there is a catch. She puts a hollow black dildo over his cock so he will not be able to feel anything. His hands are still helplessly bound behind his back and now he looks at the Mistress and whimpers as he knows the pleasure will be all Hers. With the hollow dildo over his stiff cock, Mistress Riley rolls a condom on the thick shaft as the slave looks down at the cock he cannot feel. She stands and bends at the waist in front of him. She reaches back and inserts the cock and tells him he is a dildo now with a heartbeat and to fuck Her. He fucks Her from the back and She loves it. Her wet pussy easily takes the shaft and the slave cannot feel a thing, only look down helplessly as She uses him as a sex object to push the dildo in and fill Her up. She sits him down on the chair and mounts the big black cock between his legs. She fucks it as She rubs orgasm after orgasm out of Her wet pussy, really getting into it and losing Herself in the moment. The last half of the clip is all Her fucking the dildo while mounted seated on it. Mistress Riley finishes getting off on fucking the hollow dildo over his cock. She climaxes several times hard at the end and then dismounts and slaps the shit out his face. Next She has a huge long and curved stap-on on and is jacking his cock off into a clear glass. He spurts into the glass and then is positioned over the chair as She informs him She will be using his seed to lube the dildo up and fuck him with his own cum. That is precisely what She does as She butt fucks him the rest of the clip, Her long slender legs are strong and She arches back and gets high up on Her toes to lean in and enjoy fucking his whore hole of an ass completely.

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