ClubStiletto - Mistress Irene - Are You Honored To Be Under My Ass?

Added: 22-07-2018

Mistress Irene is back and we find her relaxing on her phone just outside her slaves cage. “Boy, it’s time to serve your Mistress’ she speaks n the slave eagerly crawls to her feet. She makes him kiss and lick her feet through the cage. She asks him if he is prepared to serve her today as she is feeling a it sadistic. As the scene changes we see Irene is now sitting on her slaves face who has his head in her face sitting box. Soon he is kicking for air under her AMAZING ass. “Let’s see how long you can hold out?’ she says, telling him to take a deep breath while he can. Next she just settles in with all her weight n waits. “In time I did like to see you go five min without breathing” she tells him and says it’s selfish that he expects more air than that.
She really takes him to the limit this time and when she finally gets up he gasps so loud it almost shakes the room. She now torments the bitch with her ass by rolling on her side and rubbing her hand across it, tormenting him, making him want to do better. She sits on his face again but this time digs her stilettos into his skin. Nice view of Irene’s crotch as the camera zooms in close. Now Irene grabs her phone again and remembers she has to write her boyfriend. She is soon lost in her thoughts as the slave kicks frantically beneath her

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