Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy - I Need To Take A Huge Dump

Added: 21-01-2019

Mistress Kandy has been out in the bush for hours, and as the scene opens, we find her sitting on a log with her slave’s head beneath her. He’s deep-rimming her ass because she needs to take a dump. “Rimming my ass and being my full toilet are part of his job requirements,” she says, as the camera moves to the backside of her ass, where you see the slave licking it like there’s no tomorrow. Kandy also says she would never sit on a nasty, dirty log, and she finds the slave’s face helpful in that respect as well. The birds chirp and a plane flies overhead, but Kandy and the slave just carry on as if this were an everyday occurrence, and in Kandy’s world, it pretty much is. She suddenly lets out a ripe fart right into the slave’s face, which makes her laugh. This is also a sign that things are loosening up and soon she’ll be able to feed her bitch and get some relief.

“I had eggs and tacos today,” Kandy mentions, as she sits down on him full weight. He kicks for air, but Kandy wants to hold off for as long as she can, so why not have some fun in the meantime? She looks at you and says, “If you were here now, you’d be on the ground sucking my toes.” How dirty is that? She’s filling a slave’s mouth while you’re on the ground, worshipping her feet at the same time. Kandy does love nasty things. “Some of it will miss his mouth and fall on the ground, and I’ll use my toes to pick it up and stick it in your face,” she says to you. Two slaves feeding at once really excites Kandy. Meanwhile, the slave thrashes about as he tries to breathe, but Kandy is so busy talking about what a dirty s-eater he is, she barely notices. She raises her legs to make absolutely certain all her weight is on his face. She suddenly shifts and spreads her ass because she needs to deliver a few more farts into his face. She’s getting close. “I love fucking farting,” Kandy says, enthusiastically. She pulls off her panties and you get a beautiful visual of her puckered pink anus. She sits back down on the slave’s face and delivers him his lunch. “When you’re done, you’re going to lick my fucking ass clean,” Kandy tells him.

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