ClubStiletto - Princess Lily - I Had The Basketball Team Over Again

Added: 26-04-2019

Princess Lily looks flushed laying on the bed and moans “Ummm, I had the basketball team over again and I’m going to need my little cuck to come clean up the mess they made.” As the camera moves back you can see cum in Lily’s pussy but also on her tits and legs. She describes how good they were and how big their cocks are, some over 10″. “College boys with cock as big as beer cans” she says. She details how their cocks feel inside her and mentions that one even came on her tit. She only fucks men raw, no condoms. The cum is really now starting to pour out of her pussy so she calls her cuck from the closet. “Did you hear all the fucking I was doing?” she asks him. She says she knows he has probably wondered what his cock would feel like inside of her but he isn’t going to find out today not when there is so much cum on her from the men that did fuck her, someone has to eat that up. “Maybe if you lick it up nicely I might let you fuck me” she says, which really gets the slave licking eagerly but then she bursts out laughing. She can’t even imagine a cuck cock inside of her. Why? She needs strong alpha men to please her. After getting all the cum off her legs he starts to lick her pussy, which is so raw from the 9 or 10 guys that fucked her.
“Next time you will fluff everyone of them before they fuck me” she tells him as she rubs the cum from her breast and sticks it in his mouth. “Cum is such an important part of his diet” she says. She adds that you need a lot of cum if you are going to live off of it so she might have to invite the football team over as well. Suddenly Lily realizes she is horny again from the slave licking her and she tells him it looks like he will have to fuck her after all. Poor dumb cuck thinks he’ll have her but no she just makes him wear a mouth dildo because this is all about her pleasure not his. Soon he is driving the dildo in her and as she moans with pleasure she tells her cuck “I’m just thinking of all those young hot studs I just fucked, I might have to call them back after I’m done with you.” It’s super hot watching the dildo glide in and out of Lily’s pretty punished pussy and hearing her moan with pleasure. As she orgasms she pushes the slave away and says “I’m definitely going to have to have some of my studs back now, so you’ll have to go back to the closet, slave.”

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