ClubStiletto - Miss Muscle - Pits and Spit for Junior

Added: 08-06-2019

Miss Muscle sits down after a long day of using and abusing her slaves. “I’ve worked up a sweat,” she says, as she calls her sweat-loving slave over to lick her clean. The pitiful creature lives like a common mutt and crawls in wearing a collar and leash, with the handle held in his mouth. Miss Muscle pulls his head into her crotch and orders him to sniff it. She tells him the essence of her lover should still be there for him to enjoy. “There might still be some cum down there; lick it!” she says to him and adds that she might need him to fluff her boyfriends in the future. “Today, however, it’s all about licking my sweat up,” she remarks.
She lifts her arm up to afford the slave access to her pit and he obediently licks it. She reminds him that anything about her body is an honor for a slave to have. “I bet you want to lie on the floor for a g0lden shower,” she says. She directs him to her other armpit, but not before she spits in his face a few times until the saliva drips from his chin. “It’s what my slaves use as a face cream,” she says. As the slave continues to lick her armpit, she raises her other arm to let you enjoy her armpit, too. She kneels on the chair, which positions her ass directly in the slave’s face. She orders him to stick his nose between her cheeks and to lick her there, too. Miss Muscle has a nice, plump ass that any slave would love to worship. This slave is clearly aroused, and she tells him to stroke his hard cock while he eats her, but not to cum. “I might cum multiple times a day, and if you’re lucky, you might cum sometime this year,” she says to him. The desperate thing just moans while he eagerly licks her ass.

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