ClubStiletto - Mistress Staci - You Know How Angry I Get

Added: 04-07-2019

Gorgeous, towering TS Goddess Staci opens the door to let her gardener into the house. “How do you think you did today?” she asks him. “I think I did very well” he replies. Staci has been observing his work and it’s been pathetic. She is not happy. She pokes him on the forehead and points out what he has done wrong. He stammers that he has spent three hours in the hot sun but Staci does not want to hear any of it. Staci grabs the yard boy and puts him in a headlock. She is much bigger and more powerful than the little worker and she reminds him how badly she hurt him last weekend which makes her wonder if he actually enjoys being punished by her.
“When I’m in bed getting fucked I expect my yard to be getting tidied up perfectly” she tells her little bitch. She throws him to the ground and tells him to kiss and worship her feet. “Did you fuck up out there because you were too busy fantasizing about sucking my cock?” she asks him. She then pulls up her skirt to reveal her big unit. She tells the bitch to lick her balls as well as his cock. She then stands over him and wraps her legs around his neck. Again squeezing him as hard as she can. She explains she will crop him and work up a sweat and then have him lick the sweat from her ass crack. She orders him back down to her stilettos to lick and kiss them. Staci just towers over the little slave and he is so scared that he desperately worships her with every bit of energy in his body. She tells him to get naked as she retreats to the couch. “I’m going to have to hurt him very badly” she says. Staci is 6’7″ and muscular and physically intimidating any slave is never a challenge for her.

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