Pastel Goddess - I’m Going to Break and Shrink You

Added: 08-07-2019

My slave is short, tiny and weak. There’s really nothing that he’s good for other than to use as a pony and a seat. I have some really great plans to put him to use, though! I’m going to shrink him down to a miniature size and break all of his little bones! Hehehe

In part 1, I ride my Kitten around as a pony. He is much smaller and weaker than me, and has great difficulty carrying my weight. His knees become red and bruised. I laugh at him and tell him that I’m going to ride him until he is unable to move anymore. After not even 4 laps around the room, he collapses. I kick him and laugh at him, and bring him to his feet.

You can truly see how much tinier Kitten is than me. His face is level with my boobs. I slap him and remind him that his dick is tiny, and I can’t wait to shrink him until he is small enough for his penis to vanish entirely. I press his face into my boobs to remind him what he is not worthy of having. Then I shove him back to the ground and sit on his shoulders. I want him to be powerless and devoid of will. Once he collapses, I shove him onto his back. I want to fuck his face in his weakened, exhausted state.

In part 2, I make him smell my heels and panties as I undress. Then, I make him stick his tongue deep into my asshole. I fart directly onto his mouth and it’s kind of wet and messy. His face gets a little dirty but he cleans everything up. Then, I turn around and fuck his face, berating him in his helpless state. I tell him what it’s going to be like when he is tiny enough to fit inside of my asshole. I’m going to make him eat everything that comes out of it. He’ll be so small that he’ll be buried in it.

I fuck his nose and tongue very roughly. He moans in pain but has no will to resist and licks my pussy until I cum. It feels so good. I bet Kitten thinks I’m finished with him now, but I’m just getting started. I tell him that it’s light out for him, and cover his face entirely with my ass. I’m going to use my shrinking machine on him. When he wakes up, he’s going to be very, very tiny.

Keywords: amazon, tall woman, shrinking fetish, female orgasm, pussy licking, sph, small penis humiliation, chastity, pony riding, heavy sitting, crushing, crying, kicking, face riding, ass worship.

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