ClubStiletto - Mistress Kandy - Would You Like To Fuck Mommy Like Daddy Does?

Added: 04-03-2020

“Momma’s been working up a real sweat” Kandy says as she works out on her elliptical. Junior is kneeling behind her, he’s been told to keep his eyes on her ass which he constantly lusts for. The sweat is actually running off her body. She has junior crawl in and lick some of the sweat off her cheeks and then she stops working out and tells him to get his tongue in between her cheeks. She tells him to stroke himself. Kandy has a container, she is using to collect cum for another slave so she gives it to junior and says she might let him add to the collection. Kandy then explains that she works out hard to keep her body exciting for daddy, and how he loves sticking his cock in her ass. “Junior is making sure it’s clean and lubed for daddy” she says adding that some day she will tell daddy that it was his boys that kept her cleaned and lubed for him. “I’ll tell him when we’re sitting at the table with the lawyers talking about our divorce” she says, adding “but that won’t happen until I have my next husband lined up.”

Kandy says with a new young husband she’ll probably keep both of the boys in the stable so all of them can please her, in there own way. “Daddy probably won’t want anything to do with you once he knows the truth so you’d better just work at keeping me satisfied” she tells junior as he continues to touch himself and eat her ass. Junior is rock hard. Kandy starts to tell junior that she has a date lined up for the night while daddy is away on business when she suddenly rips a monstrous fart. She wonders how all this plays out in the boys heads, likely they’re just happy to be able to eat her ass and be her toilet, and everything else is just clutter, lol. Now Kandy encourages junior to shoot a load for her in her container. She asks him if he’s ever thought of fucking her and then laughs saying that will never happen, all he gets is her ass and her waste. Junior strokes and licks and suddenly has to shoot his load. He tells mommy he is coming but she orders him to remove his hands from his dick, he hasn’t cum quick enough for her satisfaction. “Your brother came in 20 seconds in the same position so I’m going to get him and maybe I’ll make you suck his cock” she tells him as she gets up and leaves him alone on his knees.

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