ClubStiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Her Spit, Her ass, Her Farts – Facesitting – Farting, High Heels

Added: 07-06-2020

Lady Bellatrix has her slave strapped to the discipline bench where he has spent the night. She walks in and removes the cushion from his face and tells him it is time to rise and shine. I imagine the slave has to use the rest room something crazy but Bellatrix doesn’t care, if he messes himself he will suffer even more. She asks the slave if he had a good sleep and he answers as he is expected to by saying “Yes, Mistress.” She steps over top of him and dangles her ass in his face and tells him to admire it but before he really can she sits on his face. “I bet he wishes I would fart in his face” she says and then almost instantly lets out a few blasts of gas. Well he sucks that in she starts to play with his cock, she rubs it a bit and then spits on it.

Bellatrix is a size queen and she laughs at how small the slave is. She horks a big loogie on it before getting up and sitting high on the bench so she can drag her heels over the slaves flesh. She shifts so all her weight is now on his chest and makes him beg for her to sit Back on his face. She slides onto his chest and tells him to open his mouth. She again horks a big glob of flem, hitting her mark perfectly and then sits back on his face. She grinds her ass into his face and now makes him kick for air. She knows he’s longing for another fart, so pathetic. She twerks on him a bit and her pussy is stimulated. She tells him she is a bit tender because after locking him up last night she went out to a gang bang. After subjecting him to her farts, pussy and ass, stilettos and all the verbal abuse she sits down and stays there, she loves feeling him struggle beneath her.

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