Club Stiletto - Goddess Kandy - Kandy's Ass Eating Adventures

Added: 02-09-2020

Kandy loves the power her ass has over her sub slaves. She knows they’ll do anything just for the opportunity to lick her ass, whether it’s clean, sweaty, dirty, or whatever. As the first scene opens, you get a full view across your screen of Kandy’s ass, pussy, and asshole. “Are you worthy of my ass?” she asks her slave while she kneels just off-camera. Naturally he replies ‘no’ because really, no ‘sub-natured’ male is ever good enough and they both know it. Nonetheless her slaves do amuse her and give her pleasure with their tongues, so she calls the pathetic creature in to devour her hole. You get a great view of Kandy’s pussy while the slave has his nose buried between her cheeks and his tongue deep in her hole. Kandy looks directly at you and says, “You would like to lick my ass, wouldn’t you?” She encourages the slave to have an active tongue and compliments him for doing a good job. “So close to my pussy but so far away,” she says as the camera zooms in tight on it.

The scene rolls over and we find Kandy outdoors enjoying a nature hike where She’s found a young guy to eat her ass. “I could relax like this forever,” she says. You get a brilliant close-up of Kandy’s ass as she spreads her cheeks, and you can see how nice and clean the slave has gotten her. Now we enter a third scenario with a third male. They’re a dime a dozen! Kandy has a young buck cuffed to her stool while she enjoys a snack. As she eats, he eats… her asshole. She asks him if he’s erect and the camera pans down between his legs to reveal a rock-hard dick. During the entire clip there are always closeups of Kandy’s hole as she spreads her cheeks between periods of ass-licking. She even mentions that she becomes tired of slaves and always has her eyes open for someone new. “Maybe it’ll be you,” she says, as she looks right at you.

The scene changes again with a new location and a new slave but always more ass-licking. Kandy is in the dungeon on the discipline bench, clad only in a bra and white stockings, with her legs up and a slave’s tongue in her anus. “The truth is that I usually have my ass licked several times a day,” she admits with a giggle. How convenient that she can send a message with no notice and have an ass-licker there to attend to her within minutes. “I like a nice wet tongue going deep in there,” she says. She tells you to get in close to see how the slave does it because that’s the same service she expects when she has you over to be her ass-licker for the day. “I want my slaves to have passion and love for my asshole,” she explains to you and naturally you have to accept that Kandy would never settle for just one ass-licker. You take your turn when you get the chance, no questions asked. You, on the other hand, should be devoted exclusively to her asshole. Again, Kandy has the slave spread her cheeks so you can see her perfect, pleated asshole.

We have another scene change now which takes place later that day but still in the dungeon. This time it’s just you and Kandy. She teases and torments you with her hole while she kneels on all fours on the discipline bench. She tells you how to service her hole. “Doesn’t that make you feel special?” she asks you. She lies on her side and talks about making you her toilet slave. This clip gives you tons of closeup views of Kandy’s asshole and you’re going to have a hard time not blowing a load before you see all 10 minutes and 46 seconds of it. Kandy gets so turned on she rubs her pussy and holds her fingers out for you to lick. Finally, we get to see her work out as she bounces on her exercise ball. Her back and ass are positively dripping with sweat and it runs right down to her ass crack. Wow, her ass looks amazing as she bounces like that! How lucky are you to be mere inches away? Oops, here comes a little present for you as she blasts a super wet fart right in your face! As she rolls up and back on the stability ball, she brings her ass right up to your face and counts you down from five. She wants you to cum and when she gets to ‘one’ she instructs you to cum on her foot. The camera zooms in on her sexy foot and even though you’re an ass man, you’re going to eat your own cum from her foot or there will be no more ass-licking for you!

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Duration: 00:10:46
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