Club Stiletto - Mistress Roxanne - Eat My Cum Farts and I'll Give you a Reward

Added: 21-10-2020

Mistress Roxanne has Kenny on his knees behind her. “Sniff my ass” she tells him and when he does she asks him what it smells like then tells him not to answer as she has another question first. “Did you hear me earlier, did you hear me screaming?” she asks. “Screaming and moaning with enjoyment because my lover was over fucking me in the ass.” Roxanne laughs because she’s done this with Kenny before, it’s time for some cum farts. Soon the farts begin which make Kenny grimace, then the cum starts to blast out of her ass. It runs all the way down her leg and drips onto the bench. Kenny is ordered to lick it all up but Roxanne is a generous Mistress and if he does a good job plans to give him a reward. The scene rolls over and now we find Kenny blindfolded and locked in his cage, only his head sticking out. Roxanne walks in and rubs his face. She says his skin seems a bit rough and she has decided to give him a facial. Kenny is excited and happy he endured the cum farts. She walks away to get the ‘cream’ and Kenny says “Awesome.”

Roxanne walks in and unbeknownst to Kenny has another slave with her, one who hasn’t cum in a month. “What sort of cream are you using?” Kenny asks his Mistress. She assures him it’s a special cream and starts to stroke the other slaves cock. “It’s good thick stuff” she says with a chuckle. She tells Kenny to get ready and soon the first squirt of cum hits him in the face, then another blast, then another and another, six huge squirts in all which leaves Kenny covered in cum including in his mouth and on his lips. He even starts to gag there is so much. AS A SIDE NOTE, WE THINK THE PORTION BETWEEN 4:48 AND 5:15 IS THE BEST 17 SECONDS WE HAVE SHOT IN 25 YEARS. Roxanne now starts to rub the ‘cream’ into the slaves skin. “Is it the same stuff you use?” Kenny asks her. She laughs and pulls off his mask and shows him where his cream came from. His fellow slave is standing there still rock hard, probably hoping he’ll get another chance to make the day even more ‘special’ for Kenny. If you’re a sub that gets aroused thinking about eating cum you will not want to miss this one.

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