The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Goddess Platinum - Ass Smother Geezer (1080 HD) - Face Sitting

Added: 21-10-2020

Geezer was annoying Princess Mia again… So Princess Mia dragged it into the room I was doing work in and we decided that it was time to try to finish it off for good. LOL!
Geezer had never ever done face sitting in its life so it had no idea what it was in for. We smothered the crud out of it. We even moved that freak around to get the best position to make sure it couldn’t get any oxygen and it had to struggle and suffer.
We were really shocked at how much fight that old wrinkled sack of fuck had left in him. We thought for sure we could end it after just a few minutes. But no, it just struggled and struggled.
We got annoyed with how long it was taking to knock that loser off for good so we gave up and went to look for a weapon. LOL! We don’t like working hard for anything. Specially when it’s towards that pathetic old geezer that pisses us off everyday.
Enjoy watching geezer struggle for air. Hahahaha!!!

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