ClubStiletto - Miss Madison - When I'm Happy, they're Happy

Added: 19-12-2020

Gorgeous Miss Madison is sitting on her slaves face when this scene opens. “How are you doing under there?” she asks him. A muffled reply beneath her ass is ignored as she hoists up her skirt and wiggles her fleshy ass on his head giving you a million dollar view. “Nothing makes them happier than being under my ass, even at the risk of perishing” she says adding, “Can you imagine a better way of going?” The Goddess gyrates and bounces her ass on the slaves face only occasionally getting up for a second to give him some air. Now she decides to see how long he can hold his breath and the slave likely thinks he’s doing well until she fucks him up by slapping his cock and making him use up valuable air. She hits him a few times more and when she looks at you to say “Don’t you wish it was you?” he is able to catch a quick breath. She again sits full weight on his face and now wants you to admire her ass. She bounces her cheeks on his face and says “Why don’t you get down there and kiss one of my cheeks, don’t mind him.” Madison really does have an amazing ass.
She then decides to let her slave stroke himself but says “He just came last month, so he’s not coming today” explaining that there is no real need for a slave to ever cum and her pleasure is all that really matters. “When I’m happy, they’re happy” she says with a laugh. Miss Madison then turns around to sit in a forward position and again settles in full weight on his face. The slave continues to stroke his hard cock and then she tells him it’s time for him to take a nap and says “OK one last breath.” She then gets lost in her thoughts and starts talking about other things she has to do that day, meanwhile the slave soon needs to breath and Miss Madison is almost oblivious to him as he starts to kick and thrash below her.
Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Miss Madison, Club Stiletto, Face Sitting, Facesitting, Face Sit, Facesit, Ass Smothering, Smother, Blonde, Blond Hair
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