ClubStiletto - Princess Ami - Ass Sniffer suffers under Her Denim Shorts

Added: 26-12-2020

Ami is so cute, adorable and innocence. Whoa, maybe not. As this scene opens she tells you that she learned early on that she can get losers to do anything she wants. “And that includes sniffing my ass”, she says. The camera zooms back to reveal a desperate male sniffing her ass through her denim shorts. She calls him a loser and orders him to sniff deeper. Desperate to please her, he sniffs as hard as he can. “I bet you’re getting hard just thinking about sniffing my ass” she says again looking your way. She mocks her ass sniffer and then tells him to get on his back as she wants to sit on his face. Once seated on his face, she grinds her ass into it and bounces up and down, commenting how the denim must feel like sandpaper.
She continues to bounce and grind and says she doesn’t care that it hurts. “How are you going to explain it to your wife when you go home with your face all beat up” she says. Princess then turns around into a forward position and tells you to sniff her feet while she sits on her other slaves face. She waves the sweaty socks right in your nose. She tells you to go get a pair of your old worn socks and sniff them and pretend they are hers. Finally she sits down full weight and starts playing with her stuffed toy, tossing it up and down. “I wonder why he’s kicking like that” she giggles.
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