ClubStiletto - Mistress T - Let the Begging Begin

Added: 30-12-2020

“It feels so good to have you beneath me” Mistress T tells her frightened slave laying on the bed below her as his cock bobs up and down hitting her in the ass. She tells him she can feel his subservience, it radiates from him. “This is where you need to be, below me, serving in anyway I want” she tells him, adding that today he will be her ass kisser and seat and that he will serve her pussy and ass. First he has to beg for it though. The stunned newbie doesn’t know what to say so she tells him he can only sniff it as he was too slow responding. Soon he is pleading and begging because now he is desperate to have it. Instead of licking her ass though she decides he will only get her ass on his face… for now. She sits full weight even extending her legs out in front of him so he gets the full impact of her ass cheeks. She tells him to lift her up if he wants to breath. “After a couple of hours this will become a real ordeal for you” she tells him. The pathetic slut is soon humping her boots with his cock even as he fights to lift her every 20 seconds.
She decides to send him to the floor with his head on the mattress. Now you get spectacular views of Mistress T’s amazing ass and asshole. She again sits full weight on his face and again orders him to keep his tongue in his mouth. She eventually gets up and now kneels over him, “You love that fucking ass, don’t you?” she asks him and now the slave shows the passion and submission she demands. He will do anything to lick her ass. She sits on him again but still denies him the thrill of licking her. T looks at you and says she can sit in that position for hours, reading, or chatting with her girlfriends, masturbating, that it’s always so much more enjoyable with a tongue up her ass. Next, she gets on all fours and tells him to crawl behind her. “I just want you to look at that beautiful ass” she tells him and then orders him to kiss her ass cheeks. He’s spellbound now and she tells him to imagine fucking her ass with his tongue. He tells her he wants it desperately and she tells him maybe he should work harder at begging. She gets him on the bed in the original position he was in. She sits on his face in a forward position and sits there again without giving him a breath of air. She then leans forward and tells him to stick his tongue out. She brings her anus to the tip of his tongue, just a feathery touch, and then she sits back down on him, “That’s all you get” she says with a laugh. Mistress T knows exactly how to mold her servants into the desperate ass licking sluts they truly are and this slave now understands what begging is all about. He will be desperate for it, forever!
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