Goddess Natalie - A little challenge for my pet

Added: 02-01-2021

Look at you, little puppy! Drooling all over yourself once again and feeling so utterly desperate to see some more of me farting today! Well, guess what? One of my slaves was lucky enough to be allowed to have both my farts and some smoke in his mouth today! To make fart sniffing and tasting more entertaining, I made this little pup smoke shisha for me right before inhaling my farts, as well. Holding all that smoke in his mouth as I farted in his face was a bit of a challenge, but he somehow survive only with a boner and blue balls haha ? will you survive, though? And because he was such a good, obedient pet and did everything that I asked for, I allowed him to be part of my video and show up on the camera together with me! I know how much you wish this was actually you, so go ahead and imagine that while you watch and rub your lonely, pathetic cock! Make sure you don’t forget to properly thank me for this opportunity on your way out – just the way good boys do after getting farted in the face. You know there is only one way for freaks like you to say “thank you”, and that is with your wallet. After all, it’s the only thing you have that’s big enough to impress me!
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