ClubStiletto - Mistress T, Goddess Samantha - The things he'll DO to Keep his Job

Added: 08-01-2021

Mistress T, Goddess Samantha are at the desk as one of their warehouse boys Justin walks in to have the talk. “Things have been a bit slow around here and we have to lay someone off” she tells him. In a tough economy this uneducated dolt can’t afford to lose his job because he might lose his girlfriend as a result and then life will have no meaning. T tells him keeping his job might require him to do some ass kissing. “Are you prepared to kiss, ass?” Samantha asks. He doesn’t think they mean it literally until he is ordered to his knees. When he does drop to his knees T comments “Look at that he didn’t even hesitate, what sort of man drops to his knees no questions asked?” T then tells Justin to stick his tongue out and when he does Samantha laughs at how he is suddenly shaking. This poor sap is putty in their hands and they plan to milk it for all they can. T leans across the desk and gets in his face and asks “Do strong women that have so much power over you and decide if you can make your rent or not make you nervous?” He replies that it does. T then gets up and tells him she has a sweaty dirty ass, she hikes up her skirt and reveals she is not wearing panties. The boy is stunned and asks if she is serious, that he actually has to lick her ass. “Yes I am and you will do it every single day regardless of the condition of my ass” she tells him. After making him kiss her ass cheeks she orders him to stick his tongue out again and she gently brings her schl1t hole down to the tip of it. She tells him to give it tender butterfly licks. “It’s sweaty isn’t it?” she asks him. He is then told to lay back with his head on the chair and again gently lick her hole. She examines his tongue when it is not giving her a lot of pleasure and says with disgust “It’s a fat, short, little tongue.” After some more licking she turns around and now sits on his face. His tongue is too short so she again stands up and tells him to stroke his dick. She has Samantha direct his head between her cheeks. After enough licking time to get any man rock hard she has another look at his cock and sees it is as small as his tongue. “You’re fired” she tells him.
The scene rolls over and we find T and Samantha back at the desk. “I’ve done something bad” T tells Samantha, explaining that the guy they fired earlier in the day has been called back for a second chance. “I have no plans to rehire him but he was such fun I want to fuck with him some more.” Samantha replies “You are vicious” just as there is a knock on the door. The scene rolls over and now Justin is licking the soles of T’s feet. “Do you lick your girlfriends feet?” T asks him and he says he doesn’t. She tells him they have a camera in the room and it’s all being filmed and they suggest they might call her to tell her what’s been going on. He pleads with them not to tell her. She then sticks her whole foot in his mouth and Samantha tells him to make slurping sounds as if he was sucking a cock. He does that so well they suggest he might be a closet homo out sucking cocks when his girlfriend isn’t around. Justin has been completely degraded and humiliated and then T tells him he’s still fired and they send him away. “The young ones are just too stupid, did he really think we were going to keep him around?” T says and they both laugh out loud, another mans soul completely crushed. totally humiliate and degrade him but Justin keeps trying and enduring. Finally they tell him they have had enough of him and they fire him again. They tell him to crawl his sorry ass out of their office. Justin is absolutely destroyed emotionally while the Bosses laugh and laugh.
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