ClubStiletto - Miss Madison - Madison's stool bound Ass licker

Added: 14-01-2021

Miss Madison is one in a long line of Mistresses who have bound their slaves to stools and ordered them to lick ass. Today it’s her turn to enjoy the pleasure of a warm tongue on her hole, as she sits in comfort above her slave, while he’s relegated to the floor, arms bound to the stool. “Maybe if you do a good job sniffing my ass, I’ll let you lick it later,” she tells him. I mean, if you can’t sniff ass what are you good for, lol? While the slave sniffs, she tells him she will probably leave him in this position when her girlfriends come over so he can lick their asses, too. “Since it’s your specialty,” she says with a laugh. She reaches back to pull down her pants and tells him she knows he hopes she’ll fart in his face, and how humiliating it must be to have such needs.
Miss Madison’s ass is exceptional. When she brings her plump cheeks to the slave’s face and shows him her sweet hole, he moans in anticipation. Not so fast though! She makes him stick his tongue out and lightly place it against her anus. She wants him to anticipate the thrill of having his tongue in her ass and her taste on his lips. Finally, she tells him to start licking with long gentle strokes but also to remember it’s about her pleasure, not his. She sits upright, pulls his head into her ass, and slams his face with it. “Eat that ass,” she demands. Look how eagerly the slave licks and tongues her asshole. She tells him to make sure she’s clean because her boyfriend is on the way over. He had also better hope the boyfriend doesn’t catch them together like this because he doesn’t know she shares her ass this way. Finally satisfied, she hops off the stool and tells the slave to stay there; she may be back later. Until then, the slave will savor her taste.
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