Play Obey - Pixel Pixie - Knockout Spell! Remastered Edition

Added: 04-04-2021

Remastered Edition: To address fan popular demand, we've improved camera angles, cuts, coloration, and brightness to select PlayObey Classic videos! We've improved the coloration, zooms, pans, and occasionally add XTRA bonus scenes at the end of these fully remastered videos!
Pixel Pixie invents her role of The Smother Witch! This dominant enchantress casts Incantations of Facesitting Obedience, Headscissor Knockout Spells, and Slave Awakening Spell as new methods in Face Seat Training!
Pixel's playful demeanor completely belies the absolute power of her flexible legs & spherically shaped glutes, which easily clasps around his neck and cuts off ALL air potential to her helpless male slave, no matter his size. She sees this as play & games, though the excruciating nature of his suffering is abundantly clear to witness. Verbally dominating and cackling with laughter, Pixel applies her own intense style of encouragement against punishment, rendering her face seat spellbound by Ass Sniffing, Continuous Face Smothers, Aggressive Face Riding, Ruthless Reverse Headscissors, and Frequent Knockouts of varying severity!
As her mastered control of Facesitting, Scissors, and Knockouts evolves, Pixel makes him repeatedly black out, all the while commanding him to awaken at the snap of her fingers to worship the exquisite netherworld found within her perfect gymnast ass. Culminating in an incredible & final Reverse Headscissor Knockout, the climax exhibits her Awaken Slave Spell to be ineffective upon her exhausted face seat.
As he lightly twitches post-knockout, she laughs mockingly at him, holding her Reverse Headscissors steady; then SQUEEZING to push his boundaries. Eventually he awakes to his dismay and desperately pleads: "LET ME OUT!!! OMG PLEASE!" He's obviously in full panic mode, brought to near-tears from her brutal femdom treatment. He kisses & sniffs the very ass which is utterly owning his face in a vain attempt for mercy; ineffective, he is finally brought to a tearless pathetic cry, highlighting the moment of his full humiliated breakdown! Enjoy this SmotherCraft!

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