Princess Brook - Extreme face slapping in leather gloves

Added: 28-01-2022

I love slapping a stupid slaves face with my bare hands, it's a thrill. BUT it makes my hands hurt. I've got my little fucktard slave tied to the cross and I pound his daft face full power non stop bouncing his dumb face from left to right with my brutal face slaps. I give the worthless slave a savage mix of front hand and back hand full push slaps, I even throw in a few face punches to spice things up. I love to hit hard with a front hand and then reverse fast with a jaw wrecking back hand, it doesn't give him time to comprehend. Towards the end of the clip my hands are really hurting, which makes me even more angry with him because it's his fault. So I go even more crazy slapping him harder and faster! How dare he make my hands hurt, I'll knock his fucking teeth down his throat! This is savage.
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