CRUEL PUNISHMENTS - Mistress Suzy, Mistress Margo - Revenge on the waster slave

Added: 27-04-2017

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This clip contains all parts from the “Revenge on the waster slave” series:
1. Mistress Suzy and Margo doesn’t like the face of their slave so they decided to make him an other one with firm hits. The reason can be anything for them to beat up poor guy, so they say that their shoes and boots are very dirty. Mistress Margo is vearing black boots and there is a pair of high heeled sandals on Suzy’s feet to clean. The guy licks and kisses them but they give them plenty of slaps on the face and spit him too.
Features: face slapping, female domination, humiliation, high heels, shoe worshipping, spitting

2. After the face slapping Margo and Suzy wants something different, something more. They tie up the slave with ropes by his arms to the ceiling and expose his bare back to their horsewhips. Both girls are clad in tight black latex pants and leather jackets with only a bra under them. Their hits are firm on the slave’s back and they are constantly mocking and insulting him. “You think that you are very tough, don’t you?” and they laugh.
Features: whipping, flogging, female domination, corporal punishment, high heels, single tail whip

3. The next level is an other face slapping session. But this time he is tied to a chair and is interrogated by the two Mistresses. They want to know if he did something nasty in the past few weeks and what were they. He tries to deny everything and he says that he was good and didn’t do a single bad thing blah, blah, blah. Of course the girls don’t believe him and start slapping his face again believing that it will change his mind and he will tell the complete truth to them.
Features: face slapping, female domination

4. Same slave, same Mistresses but a new situation again. He is laying on his back waiting for the two ladies to decide his fate. As they walk past him and realize that he is on the floor they start to laugh at him and kick him around. They find his situation very tempting to step on his body, his nipples, his thights and even walk across his chest with their high heeled shoes. They spit him in the face, in the mouth, his back and the top of his head and even spit and pour cold water onto his body.

Features: female domination, spitting, humiliating, high heels, boot worship, soft trampling

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: lady mistress suzy, margo domina femdom, amazon elegant mistresses, unusual cruel face, slapping busting spit, spitting laughing, slave licking foot fetish, shoe worshipping, whipping flogging, humiliating
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