Brazilian Girls N Boys Studio - Charlize - Charlize's Small Feet Are Temptation - Foot Worship

Added: 23-09-2021

Charlize has 18 years old and is really gorgeous. Her body is perfect. Her face is a face of an angel. Charlize is cute. Charlize is small and delicate. Her body is amazing. Perfect. She has delicate feet. Her feet is very small. Size 5. She has a delicious body and loves all kind of fun with her friends. Charlize is a little wicked, especially with the guys. Charlize has a lot of tattoos on her body. She is hot. She works out every day to keep her marvelous body in shape. Charlize has a lot of fans and Kevin is one of them. He is always trying to get her to the hotel but she doesn't give attention to the guy. Charlize is really exhausted. Kevin arrives. He tries to convince her to go out with him. Charlize warns him that the maximum he can have is her feet. Suddenly, Charlize starts to complain about pain on her feet and confess that she wants to have her feet worshiped, sniffed, licked and kissed. She confesses that she loves to have her little toes being sucked. Kevin is there to help her. The guy takes a cushion to Charlize puts her feet up. He takes off one of her sneakers, he feels the smell of her feet. It's really sweaty. Kevin can't resist and start to smell it. Charlize's feet are marvelous with black nail polish on her small toes. Charlize feels comfortable and ask for more. Kevin takes off the other sneaker to make sure that the other foot is also hot and sweaty. Wow. It's even more sweaty and hot. Kevin gives big sniffs and delicate kisses before feel the taste of Charlize's toes and soles licking and sucking them with a lot of pleasure. Kevin lick between Charlize's toes to clean the entire foot and feel the taste of every part of them. After a while, Charlize asks the guy to lie on the floor. She wants to pass and rub her feet on his face. The girl catches the guy's tongue with her toes. She orders him to keep his tongue out of his mouth, Charlize passes her soles on his tongue. His tongue pass between her toes, one by one. Her feet are marvelous with red toenails. Charlize's feet are really marvelous and really hot and sweaty, we can the shine of them on screen and that's really amazing.
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