Czech Soles - Jack - She's too soon for a party but her feet are so sexy!

Added: 28-11-2021

Jack is having a party at his home and it's still like an half an hour for the official hour that the party starts and Jack is still preparing stuff for it while someone rings the doorbell. Who the hell can that be? Everyone goes like 20 minutes late for parties. He opens the door and there is this girl on very high heels and with so sexy feet he can't believe it. He remembers it's his friend's friend. Charlie's friend and he lets her in. It's a bit awkward at first because they are alone there and they don't know each other but Jack is overwhelmed with this girls feet and those amazing high heels. He gets the conversation going and turns it to those shoes. The girl reveals that Charlie sometimes worships her feet and Jack is so jealous right now. But as they talks the girl figures out that Jack is into feet as well and she wants a foot massage. Massage leads to foot worship and before you know it they both enjoy it and loose track of time. Another doorbell! Hell, who could that be? Damn, it's Charlie, he was supposed to come earlier as well! This is gonna be awkward as Jack is still so turned on by those sexy feet...

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