Brat Princess 2 - Kat - Foot Worship on Deck by Simp Pay Slave

Added: 26-01-2022

Kat appreciates her slave carrying her books to class. So, she is letting him worship and kiss her feet. Her boyfriend is an alpha male so he doesn’t do stupid tasks like that. That’s what a beta is for. Kat needs more from her slave. She has a car payment and car insurance that she wants him to pay. Its only fair because he is licking her feet. She should get something out of it. The more her foot is down his throat the weaker and more willing he becomes. She has him wrapped right around her foot and at this point he will do and say anything. He is a good little foot slave who wants to make Princess happy. Knowing how much he is enjoying licking and sucking on her perfect princess feet she knows she can take advantage of him, so she decides to tell him she wants a trip to Europe!!!! She doesn’t care if he has to sell his ass or suck dick. She wants what she wants and he agrees! See the power of a pretty princess foot? Princess feet will have you on your knees weak and desperate.
Princess Crystal

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