FootPatrolStudio - PediPolice - Begging for His Cum with Raine Ripe

Added: 27-01-2022

Ravishing Raine Ripe makes her first visit to the Foot Patrol Studio with a couple friends. Archer Legend offers her a foot rub and before you know it, he has this beauty's sexy size sevens stuffed in his mouth and her long, pale fingers wrapped around his cock. This fair skinned brunette has some of the most prominent curves you've ever seen on her sensational feet, and she's figured out how to use them in yanking bucks. Raine is facing the challenge of extracting Archer's second load because he already came on her friend. It turns out to be an easy task as the big guy is exceptionally excited to have feet this fine in his face. Raine Ripe gets the credit for being an incredible dick twister as she repeatedly tells him how much she wants to see his cum as she expertly works those fingers and toes to bring out a nice load of cum from his pulsing balls.
This is a "Director's Cut" of previously published footage. This clip has been edited to deliver all the hot foot fetish action without the bulky conversation and scene buildup. Consider this cheaper version a gift to fans who are budget conscious or who only focus on sexy female feet to fap without all the frivolous fluff. Enjoy!

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