Kiffa Feet Deusa - Goddess Kiffa Public EP 1 - Humiliation foot smell and foot worship on street

Added: 17-02-2022

Goddess Kiffa is awaiting on the car, with her driver slave, and, of course, she put her legs on her slave`s lap. The slave says that her sneakers are dirty,  Goddess Kiffa orders him to take off his mask, and take off her sneakers and smell her feet and socks.The slave smells her smelly socks, like a good foot slave. The slave tries to hide himself  while he worships Goddess Kiffa, but it is impossible, several people walk  on the streets, and see the scene. Goddess Kiffa asks if her feet are smelly and sweaty, and the slave confirms it. He can't complain about it because he is a foot slave addicted, that drives Goddess Kiffa around only to see massage and occasionally worship her perfect feet.The foot slave dont smell her feet like she deserves and she delivers several foot slaps on his face, she says that she likes it to slap his face. The slaves sucks her toes like a good foot slave. Goddess Kiffa and the slave discuss if Goddess Orders him, if he would suck a cock for her in the car , too. Goddess Kiffa says that she is mean, and would demand him to suck a cock for her in the car. Goddess Kiffa says goodbye and gives a few slaps of goodbye to the slave!!
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