Real Disgusting Smelly Feet!!!

Added: 29-06-2016

Disgusting! Really disgusting!! Sydney is known for having stinky feet. But she might have finally met her match, with London. Between these two, its just AWFUL. And we are not lying to you. Its hard to be in the same room as them once their flats came off. I truly don't know how this guy did not pass out from being directly under them. Sydneys stinky feet are enough to make one pass out. And now London has a real 9-5 job working on her feet. And when she wears these old stinky flats, and then they come off, omg, yuck. They have been wearing their flats all day, NO SOCKS, and here in Philly its hot as hell outside right now. If you don't believe us that Sydney and London together might have the stinkiest foot combination you have ever smelled, come to Philly and do a session with them. But don't say we didn't warn you. You might really pass out. And you will definitely be smelling it on the way home and possibly into the next day even after washing your face off. Marley's feet were no comparison. She knew it after smelling their flats, that is why she fell more into the background. Again, we wish you could have been here to smell the room. But since you weren't we can only try to describe it to you. And this poor tied up dude is being forced to smell them. If that's not bad enough, he has to lick them clean. Just disgusting. The girls leave him bound to suffer under a pile of their flats on his face.

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