Savage Soles - Andi Makes Him Vomit 4K

Added: 07-03-2022

"Get on your knees." Andi orders her pet to the ground.     "Open up."     He opens his mouth, not wide enough. Andi tilts her head to the side, "That doesn't look like it's as wide as you can open..." He opens wider and she shoves her foot in. The expression on her face is now serious as she warns her foot slave to do as he is told. Realizing quickly her foot bitch is useless in his current position, Andi demands he lay on his back. She stands over him now and fucks his face with her huge foot. He gags over and over before she lets up and decides to cover his mouth. A single soft sole keeps his mouth shut and her toes pinch his nostrils closed as she controls his breath.  Now seated she brings her other foot in on the action, filling her foot slave's mouth, using her hands to really get her toes in deep. More intense retching from her pet. Andi stands, wipes his saliva from her smooth foot and uses lifts his shirt with her toes, exposing his abdomen. She walks to his side, raises her leg and smacks his stomach with the bottom of her foot. The sound echoes through the room. Her left foot plants firmly on his gut, she uses the other to continue fucking his face. Andi foot gags her slave brutally, switching her positions up often. She laughs at his pain. He does something to irritate her & Andi kicks him in the face multiple times. Possibly fed up with him simply for existing, the raven-haired goddess suddenly gets meaner. "Your pain is my pleasure." she smiles as she hurts him, her feet wrapped around his neck. Enthusiastically,she makes him suffer beneath her feet. Pleased with how deep she is thrusting her foot into his face, Andi teases that her slave would probably suck dick well. Suddenly, he spits up his lunch onto his own face and Andi's foot as she continues to work it in and out of his filthy mouth. Time: 18:29
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