Stepson Sniffs Sweaty Socks Alyssa Kayson

Added: 05-07-2016

Alyssa just finished a grueling workout, much to her step boy’s delight. Since his pops is out of town, he wants to take full advantage of the opportunity and has to smell her sweaty socks and feet, even if it means he will be late for class again. He buries his nose against her smelly socks and breathes in their stinky scent, reveling in the smell of her damp, sweaty feet. He rubs his face all over her smelly little feet, planting kisses here and there and licking along her arches, tasting her feet through her sweaty socks. Much to his displeasure, she only lets him enjoy her feet for a little before making him go to class.

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File Size : 180 MB
Duration: 00:04:47
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