Club Stiletto - Goddess Miss Sadie - Sadie's Pathetic little Foot bitch

Added: 20-05-2022

Introducing stunning young Goddess Miss Sadie. While she is located in Calgary, this dynamic Domina frequently visits Vancouver and we were so thrilled to shoot with her over the course of a few days recently and hope to keep doing so for years to come. Sadie is playful, loves to laugh but cruel in just the right way. In this scene Sadie literally enters through the front door and heads directly to the living room where her slave is on all fours right where she left him, as expected. After all, furniture doesn't move and with the house full of cameras no slave would risk trying anything stupid like moving even a few inches from where he was left. Sadie plops herself down on the couch and brings her feet up on his back. She looks at the camera and says with a laugh "I'm too nice to him." "Aren't you lucky being you?" she asks the slave. "I bet you've been day dreaming about my sweaty feet" she adds. She drops her feet to the ground and tells the slave to kiss her shoes to show his devotion. "Don't touch my heels" she warns him. "I had you guzzling cum earlier so I know your mouth is foul" she adds. She then has him remove her shoes, holds each up to his nose to sniff, and then tells him to sniff her socks too. Poor slave is in heaven, those hours of kneeling completely forgotten now. Next she tells him to remove her socks with his mouth and warns him not to bite her or she'll bite back. She presses the socks into his nose before tossing them to the floor. Now he gets the full pleasure of her perfect high arched feet and because she loves a mouth on her feet she overlooks the fact his mouth wasn't supposed to touch her. He licks the soles, sucks the toes and licks between each of them as directed. Sadie looks over her shoulder at the camera and says "My pathetic little foot bitch."
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