Goddess Jolene's Poolside Worship

Added: 02-09-2015

Goddess Jolene is casually relaxing by the pool chatting on the phone with her girlfriends about what trouble they can get up to tonight. Her Pool boy has just finished cleaning the pool and interrupts her to let her know he is done. She hangs up the phone and tells him he is not finished yet, now he has to remove her stinky flats and start cleaning her soles too. She is a Goddess after all and why should she have dirty sweaty feet? His tongue makes a perfect cleaning tool! She calls another friend and continues her discussion about what they are going to get up to that night. However she notices he isn't doing a good enough job on her soles. She starts gagging his mouth with her toes hard making sure he cleans every bit of dirt and toejam from between them. He's not getting off easy just because she is distracted. She then makes him put his head flat on the cement and forces him to stick out his tongue so she can continue to wipe her soles over his tongue. Like a good foot bitch should!

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